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High-end artisan tea making specialist

Tea craft consultant

Bev has several year of experience managing a tea estate in Sri Lanka. Her work included propagating from seed and establishing a tea nursery, planting, developing a new line of hand-made speciality teas, building a small tea factory and sourcing small scale equipment.

Bev has worked with Scottish planters and advised on planting seed tea, growing, tea production and marketing - buy a tea plant now! In the US, Bev conducted a series of micro - experiments to produce over 40 different teas in order to determine best production methods and flavour profiles of the leaf. Bev has also developed herbal tisanes and tea blends for several clients.

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Bev has worked with small plantations and larger tea estates to help produce the highest quality teas. Videos and articles of some of Beverly's work can be seen in our tea making gallery