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Bancha Green tea

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Green tea

Green tea originated in China and it is said that the emperor Shen Nung in 2737 BC was sitting under a tree when a few leaves from a tea plant fell into some water that was being boiled by his servant. The production of green tea spread to many countries in Asia and in 1190 a zen Buddhist priest from Japan visited China to study in various monasteries and returned with some tea seeds. Japanese teas were originally drunk by Buddhist monks as part of a meditation ritual and eventually spread to the rest of the population to become synonymous with the Japanese way of life.

To produce a green tea, it takes several steps, and unlike black teas the aim is to stop the leaves from oxidising so that the leaves don't turn brown and the finished tea will be light in colour with a fresh flavour.

Producing tea is both a science and an art!

Loose leaf Bancha, gunpowder, Spearmint and Jasmine Green teas

Green tea originated from China and later on from Japan and these two origins are still the most popular for green teas consumed today. The most distinctive difference between Chinese and Japanese green teas comes from the very different processing methods.

Green tea is packed full of antioxidants, and has many health benefits, but if you brew it with boiling water, you will scorch the leaves and get a nasty bitter brew. Green tea needs a lower temperature of around 80 deg C to bring out the smooth, rounded flavours that any green tea drinker will tell you become quite addictive!

Making green tea

For good “every day” green teas, Temple of Heaven is a fine and very well made Chinese green gunpowder. Our Japanese Bancha is harvested from the second flush of tea leaves between summer and autumn.The picture above shows off the amazing colour after infusion in twin walled glass tea cups.

Moroccan Mint is a combination of gunpowder green tea and spearmint, it's refreshing hot or chilled. My Jasmine tea is made slowly over several nights by layering the tea with fresh Jasmine petals to infuse the fragrance and flavour throughout the tea. It is a distinctive yet delicate and delicious tea to drink.