Professional tea tasting set

Three piece porcelain tea tasting set , tasting spoon and tea samples

  • Professional tea tasting set

DIY Tea Sommelier! Taste tea like a PRO

Taste like a PRO...

These professional tea tasting sets mean that you can consistently brew tea in exactly the same way, a great way to learn about tea and the art of tea tasting.

Porcelain cup, matching lid and tasting bowl - used by professionals around the world for evaluating the characteristics of tea, including aroma, flavour and infusion colour. The lidded cup captures the aromas of tea and the bowl highlights the true infusion colors of tea. Multiple sets are often used side by side to compare teas, offering consistency to fairly evaluate the tea samples.

Professional tea tasting set includes:

1 porcelain tasting cup with matching lid

1 tasting bowl

I tasting spoon

3 x 10g loose leaf tea taster packs - we hope you enjoy the selection - as described below:

Temple of Heaven - This is Gunpowder like you've never tasted before. An extremely well made and flavourful version of one of the best known China teas.

Golden Maloom - A fine and delicate infusion from ‘the top of the world’ comparable to a good Darjeeling.

Snow Princess - This is an elegant white tea with a light liquor and complex flavour from the Fujian province of China. The finest leaves and buds are hand picked and gently dried in the early spring sun.

Steep loose leaf tea leaves in the covered tea cup and then pour into the tasting bowl. When brewed, display the wet tea leaves on the lid. Evaluate the tea aroma by smell and inspect the leaf characteristics. Sample the tea liquor using a tasting spoon or sip directly from the tasting bowl.

Tasting tea like a PRO
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