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Tea plant

Tea plant

Buy tea plants - perfect gift Are..


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Tea plant

Buy tea bushes - or tea seed

Rare opportunity to buy SEED or A TEA PLANT (tea plants have been grown in Scotland UK from seed)

'Home grown tea' - a rare treat and an exciting hands on experience.

Why not grow your own tea plant - Camellia sinensis?

We can supply seeds or seedlings. It is a real talking point to have your own tea plant and a must for any tea enthusiast. We source seeds from either Nepal or the republic of Georgia for their cold hardiness. Seedling tea (as opposed to plants produced from cuttings) has a strong and well developed tap root and a much longer life expectancy than plants taken from cuttings. We were plucking from tea bushes in Sri Lanka that were 70 years old! It takes a few years for tea bushes to fully mature but every spring and summer season when new leaf is produced you will be able to make a little of your very own "backyard" tea from one or two plants.

Now available - seedling tea plants by the plant or by the pallet! To plant half and acre, you require roughly 2,000 plants.