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Glass teapot 1l

Glass teapot 1l

Glass tea pot - 1 litre with infuser ..


Tea glass

Tea glass

Pair of double walled tea 'shot glasses'..


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Teapots, glass tea cups and tea strainers

Tea drinkers kit!

Loose leaf teas are easy to make and pure joy to drink…with the right kit. This can be something as simple as our mug infuser which could not be simpler to use, a spoonful of tea, hot water and away you go!

A good teapot is a friend for life and ours are simple but great to use, the stainless steel infusers don't transfer flavours when you brew different teas, the baskets are big enough to let the leaves uncurl and the holes are small enough to stop bits of leaf from escaping into your brew.

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Award winning Green Tea served from glass tea pot to glass cups

Glass teapots (with infusers) are great for watching the leaves uncurl and our timers ensure that you don't over infuse your brew and glass twin walled tea cups are the latest trend, often found in tea and coffee houses. Tea is just as much about enjoyment and taking a bit of time for yourself as it is about quenching your thirst!

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